Enlightenment, Gender and Race: Personal Reflections on Leading Issues in Masonic Studies

Lecture Summary

Prof. Révauger will tell the audience about major themes from her long and active career as an expert on the history of Freemasonry in Europe and the Americas.


Cécile Révauger is Professor Emerita of English Studies at Bordeaux University. She has published several articles on British and American Freemasonry in academic journals and written five books including Black Freemasonry: From Prince Hall to the Giants of Jazz (French original, 2003; English translation, 2016), and The Abolition of Slavery: The British Debate, 1787-1833 (2008). She has co-edited two volumes at La Pensee et les Hommes devoted to women and Freemasonry in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, following the international conference she organized in Bordeaux in June 2010. She edited a biographical dictionary of 18th-century Freemasons, in collaboration with Charles Porset: Le Monde Maçonnique des Lumieres, published at Champion Editions, Paris, 3 vols. (June 2013). In 2015, she co-edited Les Ordres de Sagesse du Rite Français, a book on the history of the higher degrees of the French Rite. She has just published La Longue Marche des Franc-Maçonnes (2018), a book devoted to women and Freemasonry in France, Britain and the USA since the Enlightenment. She has supervised five doctoral students who defended their PhDs on the history of Freemasonry.